The Doctor’s Room – acting for animation

As one of our group projects, the entire class was tasked with creating a short narrative that would then be recorded onto video to use a reference for an upcoming animation project. We brainstormed various ideas, ranging from retail scenarios to military conflict, ultimately, we decided on a Doctor and a councilor giving bad news to a patient and their relative. This had good opportunity for subtext, being able to show emotion without having to speak aloud, as not many of the students were comfortable with acting in front of a camera, or acting in general for that matter. The script was designed and can be viewed on Joseph’s Blog. I felt it needed refinement, as there was far too much dialogue in a situation that needed very little, the less talking the better, that way we’re relying more on the acting than on the dialogue to drive the narrative in the scene. Some trimming was also necessary so that way, everyone had roughly equal speaking parts. Though we weren’t all comfortable with this method, it was important for pulling us out of our shells and revealing in what areas we were weakest. The new script looked like this;

Dr – Well, we got your test results back… I’m afraid it’s bad news.

*Patient & relative react*

Dr – It was a longshot, but it was worth a try.

Relative – Is there nothing else we can do?

Dr – No. I’m sorry.


Patient – So… what now?

Counsellor – I empathise this is difficult, you should spend time with your loved ones and… perhaps consider getting your affairs in order.

*Patient & relative nod, pause before rising, thanking the pair and leaving.*


We used multiple cameras to capture the footage and even multiple takes at different angles for dynamic camera changes. After the footage was aquired, we went our seperate ways to edit it together individually. I’ve imported mine into a flash, and I plan on rotoscoping over some parts of the footage for reference.


The Doctor’s Room – acting for animation

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