Why Designers Can’t think – Michael Beirut

Why Designers Can’t Think. An essay by Michael Beirut

“Nowadays, the passion of design educators seems to be technology; they fear that computer illiteracy will handicap their graduates. But it’s the broader kind of illiteracy that’s more profoundly troubling. Until educators find a way to expose their students to a meaningful range of culture, graduates will continue to speak in languages that only their classmates understand. And designers, more and more, will end up talking to themselves.”

This last part of the essay sums up the answer pretty clearly. In this case, the problem doesn’t lie with the educators but with the educated. I’ve consciously closed myself off to world affairs simply thinking “I don’t have time to know this stuff”, but this sort of stuff unconsciously shapes the design process especially when it comes to creating modern or contemporary styles. I’ve been visiting museums more, but I also need to read more on history, science, art and culture, that’s just a given.

Why Designers Can’t think – Michael Beirut

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