Skill expansion – Spriter

I was looking at using Spriter yesterday for creating character based animations for games. It’s very user friendly when it comes to rigging and setting up 2D characters, taking a great deal of work out of having to do it frame by frame with the tweening the bone movement and built in inverse kinematics.

Obviously, if I was going to create feature-length or video-based animations, I would probably continue to use the adobe suite, it has all I need for creating video effects and the means of setting up scenes and compositions.

Spriter doesn’t seem to have any built-in method of image composition, so the initial sprites have to be made using another image manipulation program.

So, I had a little go, creating Lady Mace of Mercy (An old character design) in photoshop, taking it apart and then putting it back together in spriter. I mainly had problems with exporting and what file type to use (BMP. PNG etc), I had it in my mind it had to be BMP, but this looked tacky as the body parts would have big white backgrounds around them. I had errors when I tried to import them as PNGs… but this was a one time thing, it seemed to work after a restart.


Skill expansion – Spriter

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