Hull’s Heros – Clive Sullivan

A project I’m doing outside of Uni involves creating A2 compositions in any medium of a famous person from Hull redone as a super hero. Though Clive Sullivan was born in Edinborough, he was the first black man to become Captain of an England team. He was known for his impressive speed despite his stature on the Rugby field. He also had multiple leg operations and was briefly a para-trooper in the army. I thought to reflect this, his super hero self has bionic limbs that give him increased strength and speed, he also wears a beret with a paratrooper badge and an over-shirt that sports the same colour as the Hull Kingston Rovers at his time of service (1973/74).
C sully

I started with some thumbnail sketches to get my pose and positioning, using pictures of Clive to capture his apearance.
clive-sully-Recovered1 clive-sully-Recovered2 clive-sully-Recovered3clive-sully-Recovered4

I added the cross hatching to reflect the golden age comic book covers I took inspiration from.



I revised the font to have it more in keeping with the 1950’s comic theme I was going for.

Hull’s Heros – Clive Sullivan

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