Creative Futures – Sordid Lies T-shirt design

A while ago, I designed a mascot for the band Sordid Lies. Initially the intention was to get the mascot animated and to star in either another music video or have it projected during stage events. While none of these came to fruition, I did have a character ready to go when we wanted to get a T-shirt design across.

At a band meeting, I scribbled down the design… You’ll have to ignore the solo face and Solid Snake.


After the initial drawing, we decided we wanted a far more thicker line so it wouldn’t get lost in the black. I copied the font and tried some different positions.


I wanted to have the leg a little higher, I believe it shows off the mascot’s curvy physique and makes for something a little more seductive.

Tshirt back edit

I didn’t want to have a winged skull because Avenged Sevenfold already did that… but the Nazgul-esque design doesn’t add much to it either. We decided to have the font above the mascot and bigger for better focus. I wanted to have the wings almost draped over Sordid Lies but was out voted. To keep the background from looking completely empty though I put some big speaker stacks in instead.

Tshirt clean edit

I hand drew the Devil’s Daughter (song name) tagline. We considered having Sleaze Rock Sinners (song name) and Vanity Project (EP name). However, Devil’s Daughter fit the theme of the T-shirt, the words themselves can be related directly to the character. It could be considered that she is the Devil’s Daughter. I played it safe with the type, copying the Sordid Lies font from other sources we’ve had, and hand drawing the Devil’s Daughter so I didn’t have to rely on any one or other type design, whilst simultaneously keeping it ambiguous. Not mimicking any type face from the 80’s, this was a conscious choice as I wanted to build our own unique style from the bands visual themes.


Now available and on sale at £7.50.

Creative Futures – Sordid Lies T-shirt design

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