Audience and Aesthetics part 3

In this part of the brief, I am to rework my current animation (Working title: Children’s Tale, so far only visible as an animatic.) Researching from a list of styles and narrowing done to one. Initial research.

An Indie Animation in the style of Marjane Satrapi. Persepolis, 2007.

The black and white style brings greater focus on objects of interest in Persepolis, specifically on a jacket that says “Punk is not ded”, it also highlights the burkha’s the muslim women have to wear and how it doesn’t give them any individuality.

A stylised animated folk tale version of your story in the style of Karel Zeman

Almost a cut out styled animation, it’s washed out colours and period clothing designs give it an antiquated edge.

A show styled after The Powerpuff Girls (inspired by Maragaret Keane’s art)

Her work feature’s oversized eyes, possibly to exagerate the innocence of youth, but it is clearly seen in the Powerpuff girls also. Professor Utonium, their creator appears to have a more “normal” appearance with eyes that are in line with his head shape.

A found object animation in the style of Kayla Parker or Jan Svankmejer

Jan Svankmejer looks as if he’s done a lot of surreal claymation pieces that are surreal in nature. This one is definately out of my comfort zone, I’m not unused to surreal, but claymation is an area I’m quite weak in.

A folded Paper animation in the style of Garry Bardin.

Looking like a combination of cut out and claymation with cultural references to Russia.

An animated Music video version of your story with some of the punk rock/retro styling of Matthieu Bessudo (aka McBess)

The animation hails to the old steam boat willy era of animation, with the big black eyes.

A anthropomorphosised character animation in the style of Adrien Merigeau (Fangs)

Stylised with empathises on pointy ears and long snouts.

A kids animated show using a similar style to the Murikami/Tim Teen Titans show, the characters for which were desinged by Jon Suzuki.

A show in the style of Klasky Csupo (and Peter Chung’s) show, Rugrats

A cut-out animation in the style of Terry Gilliam’s early animation work.


I looked up Mcbess’ (Mathieu Bessudo) website. He certainly comes across as an eccentric individual. Refering to himself as an “Expensive Illustrator/Director“. He’s taken a direct influence from Max Fleichers work but has added his own unique vulgar twist to it, often depicting himself in a surreal world surrounded by meat, music and tattooed friends.

I drew upon a great deal of Fleicher and Mcbess’ work to accomplish the concept designs of the images.

A worrying aspect to encounter was that a lot of Mcbess’ work tends to sexualise the female figure, despite it very obviously remaining a Merry Melody cartoon shape. Full busts, narrow waists and wide hips tend to accentuate the female figure. This was somewhat problematic for my child character, as it is a young girl, it wouldn’t be right to portray her in that sense, especially with tattoos and provocative clothing. Instead it simply says “Generic Vulgarity” or “Something Vulgar” on her hoodie. The father figure has “Roks” with a skull on his hoodie, a nod to Dead Pirates “Wood”.

Audience and Aesthetics part 3

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