Perdido Street Station, thumbnails and a storyboard

Perdido Street station is a book by “weird fiction” writer China Mieville. We were given and excerpt and tasked with creating a story board to go along with it.
First of all, I needed to get images in my head onto paper so I know what to put in the storyboard. Some research as required to confirm things like what an Aerostat is. I couldn’t find anything on Wyremen, but with phrases like “Wyremen clawed their way above the clouds leaving streams of profanity” I could only assume they are multi-engined jet craft leaving vapor trails.
The excerpt mentioned slums far away out of the city that the “Milita Pods” would travel to.
Finally, because I love a bit of character development, I couldn’t resist drawing in “Rudgutter”. That kind of fat cat politician that lives in his ivory tower funded by greed.

In the initial story board, your eye is meant to flow from one scene to the next, guided by the object of focus. Starting with bugs, then onto birds, then aerostats then wyremen and so on. Finally settling on Rudgutter himself. I made a mistake here, I’ve not followed the story path, as the excerpt ends with focus on Perdido Street Station rather than Rudgutter. My reluctance to focus on environments has been my downfall but I can remedy this by placing greater emphasis on buildings in my life drawings.

Perdido Street Station, thumbnails and a storyboard

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