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Fancy background.

Misc paint and flash.

Random crapola done over the years in MSpaint and Flash.
This one I did in paint, and I just started playing assassins creed, which would explain the “Look-up” perspective I used… and he’s standing on some sort of church because symbolism or some crap. I just didn’t really know any other building designs.

leg strike
Was working on character interaction with this one… as you can see, he is being kicked in the face. Aw, yiss. Not much to say really… I made another one where the kicker is shirtless, my attempt on the human body, however, I believe I have lost it. Took the boot design’s from fable.

pirate robot
I found robots were always cool… and pirates where pretty cool too. So here I combined the two. The robot was influenced from a PS1 game called Vanguard Bandits.

zombie police
Another quick one done in paint, another DMC Dante inspired character with a play on words.

This idea came to me at school one day… I forget the premise but I think the message is pretty clear… I think I was playing a lot of Bloody Roar 2 at the time, I was heavily into my Werewolf art phase… as for the fellow in the denim jacket with the blue hair, he was a character concept I played with a lot, primarily because I used to wear a denim jacket and I didn’t have a wide pool of clothing to draw on artistically for reference or anything. The character was eventually remodelled into the Chav Slayer, Zye. To his day I don’t know if the big werewolf is the dog if if it’s leaping to the dogs aid or… whatever.

Ossrics The name is Ossrics and he/she is an androgenous sort. Yes indeed, wielding a giant pair of scissors (anagram of Ossrics) and a rather unsettling mask, but otherwise mostly cloaked and hooded. Perhaps some sort of vigilante… or perhaps some sort of mass murderer… or maybe he/she’s just going to help with the christmas present wrapping. WHO KNOWS! Got the mask idea from Way of the Samurai 3.

knight The armed and armoured sword wielding knight. Though his expression stern and his sword is black, this man is clearly not your average paragon of justice. More  like a mercenary of some renown. Only just got Neverwinter Nights when I drew this, which is why he is incased in armour and adorned with spikes. I did enjoy the customisation on NWN.

jumper Err… some idea I came up from this fancy coat I used to wear… gave up with the intent to come back and finish it but never did quite get around to it. Once again, using the “look-up” perspective for a minimalist background. You can see just how minimal I went as there is no background… and the building isn’t even coloured.

gun blades I had this thing around making teams of people based entirely on the old classic character archetypes. Usually there’s the leader, the speedy one and the strong one. Each with strengths and weaknesses but able to compliment each other perfectly. The armour style for the big man was taken from the metal armour in Fallout Tactics… as for the woman. At the time I only really had one influence for female character design and that was from Mai Hasagawa, the lead protaganist of terrible £2 game Oni for the PS2. She loved the cropped jackets. The Gunblades was a simple design I had been working on. Quite simply an ornate rifle, almost flintlock in appearance with a giant blade running along the underside. A myspacer once remarked that the Brutish Seargent ‘blatently got laid the night before.’ He has a very valid point… perhaps it’s the wonky helmet and general look of self-satisfaction. Thanks for that Chippers.

face off Another team based concept built around my adolescent hatred of all things Chav. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to thee…. The Chav Slayers. A vigilante group of ruffians that go around roughing up ruffians with their fists. Did I mention I was in adolescence. Yeah, I really hated chavs. These characters where one of my very first. However, they were all hand drawn once upon a time before I even developed my abilities digitally. From left to right we have Leon, Keane, Zye and ‘Duke’. That’s not his real name, but I could never get his real name thought up. Hm, anyway, the character stereotypes are pretty much labeled.

team 5
Another team one I did in the college years, the fellow on the far left was inspired by Gunstar Heroes, the Red head was kind of a Meryl Silverborough thing. And then I ran out of inspiration as the remaining characters were drawn.

Quick ninja design taken from Tenchu Z.

tiwi nunshoop
Another Tenchu Z one, inspired primarily by the Laser Collection and drawn quickly in paint at college.

emos This was the logo for some nameless entity I did very little work for in exchange for… well nothing. The game idea he had come up with was Adopt An Emo. As you can see by the AAE logos on their clothing. I was actually quite happy with the girl’s clothing style as well as the shading, by this point I had developed a simplistic one/two tone shading skill using paint by eye dipping the colours then darkening them. I discovered it only really worked on dark colours and not so much on skin tones, it was a bit more complicated then that, you had to take some of the colour out, but I like to use dark colours because I am I darkling at heart. Still times for change and this was a while ago. A myspacer mentioned the male has ‘Simon Cal pants’. While I hated to admit it… he was right, thanks Mcdo.

dark elf Another NWN influence of a dark rogue sneaky type… I was still learning proper proportions at the time and so it’s a little out, I’m not even sure I used guidelines at this point… no I must of done, I was always using guidelines since I discovered select line colour erasing.

City Guard Some nameless city watchman type in a post-apocalyptic dictatorship setting I never got around to using, put little effort in. I’m sure with some revamping I may even come back to this design and refer to it once again. It’s mostly influenced by Imperial Guardsmen and their Commissars.

sorryyouken Another non-finished one featuring Alayna rising dragon punching a guard in the face when she attempted to escape the aid centre alone. I simply lost faith with this one, I was unhappy with the guards massive stature compared to Alayna, however upon reflection it seems like it might actaully work… maybe. I don’t know.

rare bare tinggs An early background concept I had developed by cutting in the five protagonists of the Hands of Virtue story. Not much to say really, I’ve got another one where Alayna is just in her dress but I redid it so she was in her battle-gear, it just didn’t seem fair elsewise.

potential background Same again only backdropped against a purple starry sky, it’s some what simpsons-esque. Just thank the adobe guys for flash now, I can layer these guys up and make a proper placement without fear of cutting them into pieces. I just haven’t got around to it yet… I made this a few years ago.

new alayna I imported the original into Flash and then traced around it, taking full advantage of the detail available within Vector imaging… well maybe not -full- advantage.. but some. I remade her jaw line so it’s a little less Quagmire, but it doesn’t show in the armoured ones as I had pretty much transitioned to Flash now and left Paint in the dust.

final stand A concept that came about in the early Hands of Virtue days, here an unnamed character makes a sacrifice against the ensuing Shadow Hound horde. Though he fires at them, it proves for naught, he simply cannot escape as his leg is injured and his armour and clothes feature various tears and damages implying injury. So he does the next best thing, he pulls the pin on his grenade and waits for the end. This is something of the meaning I’ve come to glean from the Savage Circus lyrics; “This final stand, and now I’ve realised, I need to sacrifice my own salvation.” The obvious word their being sacrifice… However it may go deeper then that when he mentions his own salvation, perhaps implying his freedom rather than his life. This was a very early design as the characters equipment is quite modern. However in canon Hands of Virtue, most weapons are still in the bolt-action phase… their weapon technology is around the 1940’s where as everything else is still 1500’s. So it’s feudal lords and knights with guns essentially.

abberation Another from Hands of Virtue, Zeo and Thantos hold off the tied of Mortuus while Alayna delivers the final blow to the Aberration with Zeo’s sword. I wasn’t that happy with this, it was done in paint on a netbook which screen size is about 800 by 600, so I really couldn’t zoom in to get the finer details and I just couldn’t figure out the light or where it would come from.

wing gundam style
A simple gif about 6 frames long, I may reupload at another point as I’m not sure this one will even run properly. When I first heard Gangnam style… I honestly thought he said Gundam style. And so, Wing Gundam style was born. Featuring the titular mobile suit from the animated series Gundam Wing. I pasted an actual front view picture of Wing Gundam in paint (along with his other mobile suit buddies… I cropped them out) I then traced over the body parts, grouping them separately to allow ease of animated movement with economy in mind. It took me 30 mins to an hour in total. (Click on it to see it move!)

Vlaric For a while I played on an NWN server FRC (Forgotten Realms Cormyr). Great place, interesting people, but I grew bored, I thought surely if I could put so much of my time and effort into levelling up a virtual character, surely I can put that energy into something far more productive. So I put out the call on the forums,  I wanted to draw other people’s Characters. This one, as you can see, is Vlaric Spellrune. The player didn’t give me a lot to work with, not even an in game screen shot so all I had was; ‘About 6 f 4, with handsome good looks and tattoos,’ Nice one mate, but that doesn’t narrow it down, so I drew from what experiences I had with the character and came up with this, though there are some details missing. Still do you think he’s a good guy, or a bad guy?

Tormtars of Justice Another Character reference for FRC, this one wasn’t requested but it just felt right, the idea hit me and I got to work. Three distinct paladins that often wandered the server together, vanquishing evil and dying a lot.

Tala One of my own character designs now… for a different server called LPD (Land of the Purple Dragon) . Not much to say for this one, I just wanted to practise body shapes in flash.

streets of rage demotivational This one was when I was still getting my flash eye in. I’ve got the sega emulator and streets of rage on the netbook so I started it up, froze it, and got to work, using it as a reference. I was actually quite pleased with the turnout, so I turned it into a bit of demotivational poster.

Sashara Another character design from LPD, featuring Sashara, a desert dwelling half-dragon lady of little words. When asked about anything her usual response was ‘magic’… at least it was from my interaction of her.

Kross Another Character design from FRC, though I wasn’t given much to work on as well, I had actually spent a lot of time with this character in game, so I knew how he would be. I was very pleased with how the flaming sword turned out … would you say he is a good guy, or a bad guy?

Kori Character from FRC, I was asked to draw, but never got the details on, I had spent a lot of ingame time with them however so I called upon that memory and came up with this, turned out quite well, all things considered.

Kalia Enhanced Requested by another character from FRC, this one provided me with screenshots and an avid description which was super helpful, ended up with this. The character was known for being quite goofy about town. This one featured modified hair as the original didn’t look messy enough.

Kalia The original hair.

fairiedeath lightdeath back A series of pictures I created in flash and played around with, originally tried for something far more poetic, but then a scythe was introduced and it all went down hill from there. Originally planned out the idea drawn in my sketch book, it came from a fairie of some kind. Or Sprite perhaps…. some gentle sentient being regardless.

DD Inspired by Dragon’s Dogma. However the Character is sickly thin, and that’s something I need to consider when it comes to human bodies.

Butcher Character from FRC, known to be a magic slinging assassin. Gave me a picture for reference and description as well as how he wanted him to be turned out. It was one of my first attempts so not toooooooo bad. However, I couldn’t get the angling on the rapier hand right, so I just hid it behind the hilt instead… not noticeable to the uncaring eye.

Bentin Threw this in as a joke. Bentin was an NPC guard that patrolled the starting village. Anywho, somebody posed as him on the forums and *got in line* So I took care of it. He’s meant to have passing banter with a fellow named Waric whom would open with; “New shoes?” to which Bentin would reply *groans* ‘Third pair this season’. Funny because he was constantly walking around, it was even implied that he had actually worn the paths into the village as no one had ever seen a carriage or wagon. Sometimes Waric’s script wouldn’t fire and Bentin would simply say; *Groans* ‘Third pair this season’ to no one in particular as he passed.

Crisis gangCrisis gang arrivalcriss gang action Various stills from Resident Crisis. Note how Sparky the old-timer is facing the wrong way in most scenes.

Misc paint and flash.