Hand drawn

Loaded up some drawn images I’ve made over the months, they’ve been photoed rather than scanned in so quality is a bit poor.

cyber girl shot

The Cyber punk girl character concept. Here she is in action, the initial drawing I tried featuring this perspective went a bit weird but I’ve stuck it up on my wall so I didn’t take a picture of it. Nevermind, this one’s better anyway. I’m not happy with the mouth though.

easy table

A bit blurry this one, but perspective is alright. Although the shapes are a little out, the big box was bigger than that, but I drew it smaller by accident. Thankfully, everything else matched it in size so there is that.

heads and emotions

Cyber girl’s various expressions and angles.

rachel powering up

Drawn fellow animation student Rachel powering up before a big… sketch, I guess. I got her head and shoulders before she moved and then I took artistic license with the rest. Everyone was talking about DragonBall Z as well… I think that’s where the idea came from.

Lone knight

I drew this at work when I was bored one day, it takes most of it’s influence from Dark Souls and NWN. I wanted to make an enemy that can seen as intimidating but also sentient enough to be reasoned with.

Little knight

Character design of the Little Knight, an armoured small man that makes up for his small stature by being enthusiastic.

Female Z fighter

Another bored at work one, I was reading about a lot of dragon ball Z and then this happened. I was quite happy with the turn-out, I feel the proportions are good enough and so is the hand detail

Drawn Tala

Bored at work again, but this was a hand drawn design of Tala, that NWN character I made in flash.

Dark souls inspired

I showed this to my friends and they said one thing in response; “Dark Souls”. They’re correct of course. Although the helmet is a bit big and the bonfire is a bit lacking in detail I’m happy with the limb interaction. Maybe the lower leg is a bit off. Also he’s left his sword on the ground… but without any way of determining the proportions it looks like a diglet in a sombrero, as my girlfriend pointed out.

Cyberpunk girl relaxing

The Cyber Punk Girl… I character concept I’ve been toying with, this is her when she’s not hacking into corporate systems and government matrices. Instead she’s unloaded the handgun for maintenance, taken off a wrist computer to browse post-apocalyptic facebook or whatever, taken off her pants and boots, smoking a cigarette and eating a pot of… noodles… or beans…. or chow, or whatever. One side of her head is bald where she has all the plugs for data-jacking, this was done so I could practise head drawing without all the hair blocking the way.

Cleric and fatman

I began drawing one of the models on my desk… then I did that and drew a cleric and a fat mercenary instead. Their outfits are both influenced from Dragon’s Dogma.

Hand drawn

Mr Hat

top hat
This character was born from a halloween costume I wore one day. I was on a budget and couldn’t really come up with anything awesome. So it was a mask, a top hat and a long coat. I drew this after in paint. Good old college years.
Mr Hat. Top Hat. Mr Top Hat. Take your pick, named after his discernible head wear, he is an enigmatic vigilante known to rescue citizens in need, primarily ones caught in the middle of a Blackout without the means to reach a shelter. He wields a rapier with a fencers grace. Though he possesses a revolver, he rarely uses it. His face isn’t that pale and featureless, it’s a mask. Just so you know.
He’s also known to harass Zeo by lecturing on why it’s bad to needlessly risk one’s life.
new phatton
Re-drawn in paint on a larger resolution to go with the others in the background design. I find his legs are too wide, giving him almost a tubby childlike appearance.
T Title
His title card. I struggled with this one, as I was running out of pose ideas. I eventually settled on a forward walk.


Captain Raynard

cap'n Raynard
Captain Raynard, the Time Pirate. She is out of place in this world. As soon as she and her crew arrive in the wicked Wonderer, they immediately come under attack from flying shroudlings (Wraiths and Vulturex). Unable to weather the attack, the ship crash lands. Raynard survives and is able to get to safety by stowing away on the 4 wheeled vehicle that arrives to find Alayna.
She is a chaotic and ruthless woman. She was feared and respected by her crew, but ultimately they would’ve died for her. Commonly known to grin in the midst of combat as she loves a good fight. Her and Zeo originally meet on bad terms as she picks his coinpurse and he catches her. An altercation that ends in swords and gunfire.
new cap'n Raynard
Higher resolution in paint.
captain raynard pose
R title
Her title card, note the toothy grin. Primarily wields a sabre and a rack-magazine fed double barrel scatter gun.



Every story needs the lawful good goody goody good guy. Thantos is that man, whereas Zeo is the ruthless dark hero, Thantos is the benevolent shining knight… Shining Gunknight Errant to be exact.
new Thantos
I decided on short and messy hair instead of long hair to give him more of a difference between Zeo.
the diner
In the original story, it was Thantos that came across Alayna in the aid centre, he took her to a cafe where a Blackout occured. (An event in which a wave of darkness washes over and swallows a sector of the city, Baladion. Making it a dangerous haven for Mortii. A haunting is a smaller version of a blackout and is more likely to occur within residences.) Thantos defended Alayna and happened by Zeo the Shroud Hunter amidst the Blackout. There they worked together to end the event by defeating the Abberation that caused it. Thantos and Zeo have a more friendly rivalry in this non-canon. Whereas in the actual story they both have a far more antagonistic relationship, hating each other for their own reasons.
Th Title
His title card, here we see him in his armour, donning a thick circlet rather than a helm so as to not hide his features. Note the Guns that run along the hilt of the blade.



Zeo’s design has a heavy devil may cry influence. I was playing DMC4 at the time which is why he is posed like that. In his design I noted him as something of a sword master, he carries a greatsword, a katana and a rapier. Though the katana was switched out for a side sword as it’s slightly more brutish and more his style.

As far as the story goes. Zeo is a shroud hunter. The worlds equivalent of a bounty hunter, only he doesn’t target people so much as he targets shroud entities. The simplistic humanoid embodiments of darkness are known as Mortii/Mortuus. The more dangerous and aggressive humanoids known as Zaelots, they are born from the willing sacrifice of a human subject and have blade like appendages. So Zeo hunts most of these for measly profit. He meets Alayna in an Aid Centre (hospital), has a bitter past with Thantos and the Gunknights, as well as a love/hate relationship with Captain Raynard and Mr Hat.
duel This picture was done on paint in my early years before I had even developed a story for the two characters.
new zeo Remade this along with all the others to put the characters together in a background design. Though I find his arms are too long.
zeo drink Tried to get a more intimate look at Zeo when he’s not out slaying creatures of darkness. For he his a guilt plagued man, it is mentioned in the story about how every time he sleeps he simply has nightmares. Some of them are based on the past, some of them are just based on crushing despair. One such dream is described where he fights a never-ending onslaught of Shroud Creatures for all of eternity. Though he tires and the creatures don’t, he eventually dies within the dream in a particular graphic end, involving slow dismemberment and Shroud infection.
Z title His title card, I was particularly impressed with the foreground view.




Alayna, the Girl in White, the Fallen, the Gunknight Squire. Was a concept born from a story idea, “the girl that fell from the sky”. She crash lands in a small, empty hamlet, namely in the meeting hall. Despite the distance, she is uninjured. She has no memory of who she is, where she comes from, or where she is. As she leaves the hamlet, she is pursued by dark mortal beings known as shroud hounds. She flees into the woods with them hot on her trail. In her flight, Alayna happens upon the crash site of a ship known as the “Wicked Wanderer”, unbeknownst to her, the time-drive equipped air-ship belongs to the former Time Pirate, Captain Raynard. Occasionally privy to bouts of Battle Clarity, (a state of mind that gives Alayna the knowledge of any weapon she holds and the strength and skill to wield it) she breaks the mounted gatling cannon off of the ship and uses it to fend off the Shroud Hounds. A feat thought impossible by a girl of her size and stature.
As she laments at the ridiculousness of her situation, a mysterious 4 wheeled vehicle arrives. Blinded by the floodlight’s she is unable to make out the occupants other than a single man that approaches her, and identifies himself as Captain Thantos Blake, Gunknight Errant of the Baladion Chapter. Though his tone is neutral, he quickly becomes threatening when he demands Alayna to identify herself, but she can give no answer. Thankfully, the name comes to her in a single flash of memory, but that’s all she is able to take from it. She collapses from the shock.
Gun em down oh i dunno rough stuff In this picture, Alayna appears far more mature. That was an accident. new alayna Picture was redone in flash, he face was reshaped to look less… Quagmire. armoured rough stuff Here she has donned an improvised battle attire made from scraps of other armour, she also has the gatling cannon, only it’s been modded to allow a sword to fit through it, as if the gun itself serves as a sheathe. Alayna A close up of her face, done in flash. I animated it briefly to allow for hair movement, but was too mechanical. A Title Her title card. I may redesign her battle outfit so it’s less unique to her and less flattering. Because, let’s face it, armour isn’t meant to be sexy. Unless you’re some kind of… metalphile. Though it is never specified, Alayna’s age is meant to be in her late teens.


The Lady Widow

the widowthe new widow First design.

The lady widow tru The lady widow
The Widow is an enigmatic character. Though she would be an antagonist, you still pity her. The trauma of loss affecting her mind in such a manner that she would appear malicious. She merely follows the whim of the Shroud Lord, and appears to have no will of her own. The first and second image was done in paint. The second one being slightly larger to allow for more detail… however, I found it disappointing. The final two images were done in flash and reveal her more psychopathic features, mainly the Kiss make up and fangy grin, also note the deathly pallour of her skin, pin-prick pupils and eyes with no distinct pigment. I made one image especially large thinking it might add more detail and clarity, when in fact it did just the opposite.

The Widow is the polar opposite of Alayna, and bares some resemblance, primarily in the three-pronged fringe.