Captain Raynard

cap'n Raynard
Captain Raynard, the Time Pirate. She is out of place in this world. As soon as she and her crew arrive in the wicked Wonderer, they immediately come under attack from flying shroudlings (Wraiths and Vulturex). Unable to weather the attack, the ship crash lands. Raynard survives and is able to get to safety by stowing away on the 4 wheeled vehicle that arrives to find Alayna.
She is a chaotic and ruthless woman. She was feared and respected by her crew, but ultimately they would’ve died for her. Commonly known to grin in the midst of combat as she loves a good fight. Her and Zeo originally meet on bad terms as she picks his coinpurse and he catches her. An altercation that ends in swords and gunfire.
new cap'n Raynard
Higher resolution in paint.
captain raynard pose
R title
Her title card, note the toothy grin. Primarily wields a sabre and a rack-magazine fed double barrel scatter gun.