Every story needs the lawful good goody goody good guy. Thantos is that man, whereas Zeo is the ruthless dark hero, Thantos is the benevolent shining knight… Shining Gunknight Errant to be exact.
new Thantos
I decided on short and messy hair instead of long hair to give him more of a difference between Zeo.
the diner
In the original story, it was Thantos that came across Alayna in the aid centre, he took her to a cafe where a Blackout occured. (An event in which a wave of darkness washes over and swallows a sector of the city, Baladion. Making it a dangerous haven for Mortii. A haunting is a smaller version of a blackout and is more likely to occur within residences.) Thantos defended Alayna and happened by Zeo the Shroud Hunter amidst the Blackout. There they worked together to end the event by defeating the Abberation that caused it. Thantos and Zeo have a more friendly rivalry in this non-canon. Whereas in the actual story they both have a far more antagonistic relationship, hating each other for their own reasons.
Th Title
His title card, here we see him in his armour, donning a thick circlet rather than a helm so as to not hide his features. Note the Guns that run along the hilt of the blade.