Zeo’s design has a heavy devil may cry influence. I was playing DMC4 at the time which is why he is posed like that. In his design I noted him as something of a sword master, he carries a greatsword, a katana and a rapier. Though the katana was switched out for a side sword as it’s slightly more brutish and more his style.

As far as the story goes. Zeo is a shroud hunter. The worlds equivalent of a bounty hunter, only he doesn’t target people so much as he targets shroud entities. The simplistic humanoid embodiments of darkness are known as Mortii/Mortuus. The more dangerous and aggressive humanoids known as Zaelots, they are born from the willing sacrifice of a human subject and have blade like appendages. So Zeo hunts most of these for measly profit. He meets Alayna in an Aid Centre (hospital), has a bitter past with Thantos and the Gunknights, as well as a love/hate relationship with Captain Raynard and Mr Hat.
duel This picture was done on paint in my early years before I had even developed a story for the two characters.
new zeo Remade this along with all the others to put the characters together in a background design. Though I find his arms are too long.
zeo drink Tried to get a more intimate look at Zeo when he’s not out slaying creatures of darkness. For he his a guilt plagued man, it is mentioned in the story about how every time he sleeps he simply has nightmares. Some of them are based on the past, some of them are just based on crushing despair. One such dream is described where he fights a never-ending onslaught of Shroud Creatures for all of eternity. Though he tires and the creatures don’t, he eventually dies within the dream in a particular graphic end, involving slow dismemberment and Shroud infection.
Z title His title card, I was particularly impressed with the foreground view.