The Fear of Failure

…often enough we don’t engage in new things. We stick to the ones that are familiar to us, because it’s familiar, it’s safe, it’s home. There comes a time where one must admit that we are close-minded in this sense, and admit willingness to expand one’s horizons.

I am terrified of trying new things. The very idea of something different from what I know keeps me up at night… but if I don’t, I’ll never learn. Milton Glaser said; “Embrace the failure.” Projects may fail multiple times before lift off, there will be set-backs, and creative blocks and seeming dead-ends… but there is inspiration to be found everywhere. There is success. You just have to fail first. You have to be willing to fail.

Which brings me onto my next point… which I’ve forgotten. How’s that for failure. Hmmm.

Now I remember: “Nothing is Original” Something mentioned in a TED talk by Austin Kleon. That he probably took from something else I just don’t remember exactly. I am an Art Thief.

“Rip off everyone I meet.”

Imitation isn’t flattery, transformation is. We take what we know from our research, and we mold it by our own designs. Hopefully, we’ll turn it into something beautiful, or at the very least, something different. We don’t copy, but we do steal. If that makes any sense. I’m going to read it a couple of times.

It’s not enough to simply take an idea, change it slightly and then stamp your name on it. That’s imitation. The Chinese love it. To make it your own, you have to do your research, do your homework. See what inspired your inspiration. Then add your inspiration to the inspiration of the inspired. THEN you make it your own. Only then will you have committed the perfect theft.

The Fear of Failure