The ongoing animation. Part 2

I’ve yet to think of a name, but the anim itself could be used as some sort of title sequence for upcoming productions of that same type I might make? Yeah? Neh? I don’t know. Let’s have a look at the creation process.

So, in one of the scenes, our heroine is being chased down a hallway. I’ve decided to view this, as if being shot from a worms-eye tracking camera at a 3/4 view to what she is facing. I didn’t want to jump straight into creating the character model for this scene, so instead I did some basic red guide lines to illustrate character movement and just how it would look. I started with two running forms, that are the opposites of each other in the run cycle, (left leg, right leg etc). When I run the animation at full speed, I can use this to gauge what kind of running speed I wanted her at.

rundraft basic

With this in mind, I decided on 7 frames between each leg movement, now I had to do some basic tweening to smooth out the action.


rundraft advanced

So I had put in the frames between the frames, I all I had to do now, was add the frames between those frames, I time consuming but ultimately, rewarding process. rundraftcomplete

…and voila, I now know what I want it to run like. Now I just need to put in the character model and background for the entirety of this scene. Four hours work for a few seconds of animation. What did I just sign myself up for?

The ongoing animation. Part 2

Ongoing Animation Project

I had an idea for some basic movement animations, I’m trying to make the characters believable in their movements, even when they’re not doing anything. Before I do anything though, I need to create the character themselves and the environment.


You can see where I’m going with this…




The character has been created, most of the body parts are individual groups so I can animate it easily. Stay tuned as work continues.

Ongoing Animation Project

Resident Crisis

A cruel hybrid combination of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis…. ZOMBIE DINOSAURS!!
The original opening sequence was made using movie maker and paint… I decided this simply wouldn’t be good enough to make the rest of the animation it was simply too big a project.

So… after a long hiatus, I took to learning how Flash works, and made work on the project. It was broken into three parts, as one long video would take AGGGESSSS! SO I shortened it down into parts so that if I ever did release it, it could keep the public happy. Though I’ve completed the animation process of part 1, the voices still need to be recorded and lip synced. That way the scenes can be properly run at the length they should be, at the moment they only run at about 10 frames each. The shot speed is also 12 frames a second.

The vehicle passing the lamp post sound effect was achieved by using the white noise generator on audacity and then spiking the frequencies every time the lamp post passes then easing down until the next one passes.

This is most of part two. But without speaking parts it’s mostly bleurgh.

I was lazy in the animating of running, which is why I did the dry brush leg movement for the four of them.
The sound effects were taken from the Dino Crisis 1 and 2, as well as counterstrike. I used audacity to record the in game sounds whilst a played them, and then I cut the sounds a needed and filed them.

Interesting tidbit, Sparky was originally a black man named hooch that suffered incredible misfortune. However, due to the colour constraints in the opening with it being in black and white I decided to switch him for an old man 1 day from retirement. In the opening scene he laments about how his pension has just come in, he just got a cottage by a lake with his wife, his daughter just had twins, making him a grandfather, all he has to do is survive this mission and he’ll be retired.

An entire script was written as well which I’ve attached to this blog… I think. Primarily by my friend Jon Buxton, this whole affair was his idea and it wouldn’t be here without him. It is available to read here.