Mr Hat

top hat
This character was born from a halloween costume I wore one day. I was on a budget and couldn’t really come up with anything awesome. So it was a mask, a top hat and a long coat. I drew this after in paint. Good old college years.
Mr Hat. Top Hat. Mr Top Hat. Take your pick, named after his discernible head wear, he is an enigmatic vigilante known to rescue citizens in need, primarily ones caught in the middle of a Blackout without the means to reach a shelter. He wields a rapier with a fencers grace. Though he possesses a revolver, he rarely uses it. His face isn’t that pale and featureless, it’s a mask. Just so you know.
He’s also known to harass Zeo by lecturing on why it’s bad to needlessly risk one’s life.
new phatton
Re-drawn in paint on a larger resolution to go with the others in the background design. I find his legs are too wide, giving him almost a tubby childlike appearance.
T Title
His title card. I struggled with this one, as I was running out of pose ideas. I eventually settled on a forward walk.