The Lady Widow

the widowthe new widow First design.

The lady widow tru The lady widow
The Widow is an enigmatic character. Though she would be an antagonist, you still pity her. The trauma of loss affecting her mind in such a manner that she would appear malicious. She merely follows the whim of the Shroud Lord, and appears to have no will of her own. The first and second image was done in paint. The second one being slightly larger to allow for more detail… however, I found it disappointing. The final two images were done in flash and reveal her more psychopathic features, mainly the Kiss make up and fangy grin, also note the deathly pallour of her skin, pin-prick pupils and eyes with no distinct pigment. I made one image especially large thinking it might add more detail and clarity, when in fact it did just the opposite.

The Widow is the polar opposite of Alayna, and bares some resemblance, primarily in the three-pronged fringe.